This page will list fixes and updates made to existing content and to the CEP in general. Pretty much taken from working notes.

2.63 Edit


added missing texture for grenade weapon projectiles and ground models

fixed incorrect texture name for zlc_ccp_a14.mdl (chult feather flag)

removed head models (pfh2_head014 and pfh2_head141) which were overriding default heads

renamed po_satyr_ to po_cepsatyr_ to fix a conflict with BioWare portrait

restored missing model (zcp_crawler)

fixed broken NWN2 converted bookshelf placeables (nw2bookshelf3 and nw2bookshelf4)

fixed missing texture for zlc_h65 (foo dog statue)

fixed NWN2 converted statue positions (nw2bard, nw2bard_v2, nw2bard_cry, nw2bard_marb, nw2dolphin, nw2dolphin_v2, nw2dolphin_cry, nw2dolphin_marb)

adjusted walkmesh and use nodes in several chair placeables

adjusted walkmesh and added use nodes in several NWN2 converted chairs and stools

fixed a backwards chair placeable (Chair 08 (NWN2)*) and added missing use node

added (hopefully all) missing social phenotype files from Project Q

copied cep2damax.2da from cep2_add_sb_v1.hak to cep2_top_2_60.hak (for modules that might be using the "creature wizard" scripting via cep2_add_sb_v1.erf)

used CEP Dwarven Halls tileset fixes from Project Q source (packaged and posted by Proleric)

fixed missing wizard tower loadscreens (dungeon tileset)

fixed missing textures on several table object placeables

fixed missing walkmesh on giant bone placeables

fixed Lizardfolk 3 neck and missing lizardfolk tail with models found in Project Q

fixed corrupted light flail top 6 color 3 (flail of ages)

added missing "unlimited ammunition" blueprints given in iprp_ammocost.2da (arrows/bolts/bullets with 1d6 acid/divine/sonic/positive/negative/magical damage)

- found in new cep2_ammo_1.erf

added missing trap blueprints given in traps.2da and included existing and updated Trapporium scripts

- found in new cep2_traps.erf



changed erf file names to keep CEP 2 erfs together and fix a file name length issue:

cep_sparky.erf to cep2_sparky.erf

cep24_add_sb_v1.erf to cep2_add_sb_v1.erf

cep24_build.erf to cep2_build.erf

cep24_crapsystems.erf to cep2_crp_s.erf


cep2_add_reforge.hak - The Amethyst Dragon's Project Reforged - Replaces all of the default NWN weapon models, does not affect other weapons added over the years.





2.62 === Fixed:

swine (N&F)

tree of blood (Ossian)

flag: griffon 1, 2 (Ossian)

Kali (2 of them, were missing)

Fenris (was missing)

Kali Statues (were missing)

Tantric Statue (was missing)

Portrait: Gothic 1, 2 (missing textures)

gorilla textures (3 had messed up dds)


c_rhino_mt (updated)

c_camel_mt (updated)

c_elephant2_mt (updated version of c_elephant_mt)

giant ant larva animation (copied version from q)


Contents of cep2_add_phenos1.hak to cep2_add_phenos5.hak have been resorted, with content moved around. 

Files required for dynamic skeletons and brownies were moved to a core hak, as were files for the jousting


cep2_add_phenos1.hak to cep2_add_phenos3.hak contain files for the CEP (pre-1.69) horse system. The first hak in this group includes phenotypes.2da for all the optional phenos.

Flying phenotype files (phenos 16 and 25) and social phenotype (pheno 40) are in cep2_add_phenos4.hak. If you want to use these but not the horse phenos, you'll need to add a copy of phenotypes.2da to your top hak with the CEP horse phenos blanked out.

cep2_add_phenos5.hak is now empty, but retained in the download for backwards compatibility.