Hak File InformationEdit

File name: cep2_add_sb_v1.hak

Status: Legacy

CEP Requirement(s) if used: Core files


None.  This file is being retained only as a legacy hak for backwards compatibility.

The scripts and blueprints it contains will be copied into optional CEP .erf files for builders to import.

This file from earlier editions of the CEP contains provided scripts and premade blueprints for creatures, placeables, etc.


- Adding scripts into this hak was not a wise choice from a builder standpoint.  Scripts contained in haks will override those in a module it's associated with, so editing such scripts requires a several step process:
1. Edit the script in the toolset.  Save and compile it.
2. Immediately open NWN/modules/temp0 to find both the .nss and .ncs files for that script.
3. Copy those files to another folder.
4. Save and close the module and the toolset.
5. Open the cep2_add_sb_v1.hak file with NWN/utils/NWHak.exe.
6. Drag/drop the copies of the modified script files into the hak, replacing the existing files of the same name.
7. Save the hak, exit NWHak, copy the updated hak to your server so that the live module can use the script.
9. Do not distribute this modified hak to players.  If your module is for single-player, add it to a new hak with a higher priority in the hak list so that you do not alter the behavior of the CEP hak in regards to playing other modules.

- The same information applies to blueprints contained in this hak.  They must also be saved, then added to the hak for the changes to be used by the module.