Hak File InformationEdit

File name: cep2_add_tiles1.hak

Status: Optional

CEP Requirement(s) if used: Core files, cep2_add_tiles2.hak

Purpose: This file adds additional CEP-altered tilesets based on the BioWare-created tilesets.

Included tilesets
Tileset Prefix Tileset Name
zcn01 [CEP] City Exterior
zdc01 [CEP] Crypts
zde01 [CEP] Dungeon
zdm01 [CEP] Mines and Caverns
zib01 [CEP] Beholder Interior
zic01 [CEP] Castle Interior 1
zid01 [CEP] Drow Interior
zin01 [CEP] City Interior 1
zkw01 [CEP] Swamp (CODI/C.R.A.P.)
ztd01 [CEP] Desert
ztf01 [CEP] Forest
zti01 [CEP] Frozen Wastes
ztr01 [CEP] Rural Grass
zts01 [CEP] Rural Winter
ztu01 [CEP] Underdark


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