Hak File InformationEdit

File name: cep2_build.hak

Status: Optional

CEP Requirement(s) if used: Core files

Purpose: This file is a resource for module builders, but is not used for a "live" module or server.  It is an empty hak, designed so that a builder can store blueprints (for things like placeables that will never be created via scripting or by DMs).  A builder can use these blueprints to paint down placeables, triggers, etc. in the toolset, then he or she removes the hak from the module to clear space in a DM's "creator" palette.


For CEP 2.60 and later, the blueprints that are in the CEP 2.4 version of this hak have been moved into an importable .erf file (cep24_build.erf), leaving the hak empty for builders to fill on their own.