There is value in producing a well organized set of packages of Optional Content as part of the CEP project. I propose that this be part of the new CEP project. The reason this is mentioned now is so that when we are looking at reorganizing and extending CEP, we make a distinction between optional player installs and content that is required if a server or module is built with it. Optional content should never be put into CEP so as to keep it as lean and as extensible as possible. Instead CEP can maintain additional optional packages for players with all the files and instructions as to how to install them.

Patch HAKEdit

Anything that is an override of default content should be moved out of the CEP project and into an optional Patch HAK. Some example content for this could be the Facelift tilesets produced by Zwerkules and other members of the community, and putting these together into a single Patch HAK which we would maintain for players, and support.

Ambient, Music, PortraitsEdit

Each of these folders in the NWN install includes files that are not strictly required to be able to enjoy a module, but each of them can be used by a module to improve the experience. Maintaining the resources for these in official repositories would help with maintaining proper naming conventions so as not to have redundant content. It would also be a central place that players could go for this content, and enable a server to avoid sticking such resources in HAKs and yet still be assured that most players would have the content and enjoy their module as intended.

Maintaining portraits for players to use for their characters would also go a long ways toward ensuring that the same portrait doesn't show up a dozen times under different names, and that most players have all of each other's portraits. PWs try and often fail to tackle this issue on their own where as a single source such as CEP could be much more successful.