An updated (or retro) CEP logo might be in order.

You can add your (re)design to this page.  Give it a number one higher than the previously listed one so that it can be discussed in the comments/talk page.

The images below are thumbnails you can click on to see the full sized designs.

C3P nwn eye

CEP 3 logo idea

My idea for a new logo for CEP 3.  Not too extravagant.  Colors and font can be played around with.


(Logo 1)

Logo AD

CEP Logo Idea

My 1st idea for a redesign of the logo, based on the old logo and using resources taken from the game (hardpoints' dragons from the CEP, the shield shape from shields found in one of the last patches, andReforged textures I put up on the Vault a year or so ago).

-The Amethyst Dragon

(Logo 2)