Some of the content in the current CEP may seem unfinished or perhaps simply lacking quality to an extend that it may very rarely find satisfying use. This page is for all to propose and submit suggestions for overhaul of existing content.

What qualifies as an overhaul?Edit

To preserve backward compatability, it's essential that all content that is overhauled will be able to fit the exact same role as the content it replace. This means that the model dimension, content and conceptual features should remain the same, since existing modules may rely on this.

Obvious condidates could be models with low resolution or warped textures, too simple or warped geometry or awkward animations.

Using this pageEdit

To propose overhauls, either what you feel needs an overhaul or if you have found or made replacement content, use the comment field below. Submissions for content overhaul should be send to

Once the content has been send and permission has been granted from original author, it will be presented on the Possible Content Overhaul page.